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Abu Dhabi Public Health commends the results of the “Oral and Dental Health” project


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Last March, the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health launched the Oral and Dental Health Program under the slogan “Develop an Approach to Prevention” during World Oral Health Day as part of the Centre’s interest in preventing and reducing oral diseases. Burden of dental diseases in the community, strengthening partnerships and providing materials to the science and evidence based community.
During the program, the most important scientifically proven guidelines and advice on behaviors related to improving oral and dental health were highlighted, in addition to collaborating with outpatient services by providing a virtual workshop with one of Abu Dhabi Health Services’ accredited continuing academic hours. , In addition to sessions on oral and dental problems for pregnant women, children and individuals with dementia and people with low immunity, they are among the most vulnerable community members for oral and dental problems and their consequences.
Dr. Omniat Al Hajri, Managing Director of the Community Health Department of the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, said: “Improving the health of the mouth and teeth among Abu Dhabi Emirate residents is on the public health list. The Oral and Dental Health Program aims to raise awareness among all community members about ways to prevent oral and dental diseases by promoting interest in oral and dental health and preventing caries in children. Adults to prevent and avoid risk factors leading to oral and dental diseases.
“Adopted lifestyles play an important role in achieving community safety. Maintaining children’s oral and dental health at an early age contributes to controlling problems that may arise for them in the future.”
The Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health has dedicated its digital platforms to social media, with more than 350,000 followers raising awareness for the event by posting awareness publications, where interactive posts reach nearly 70,000 posts and support republishing and awareness.
The center, in conjunction with one of Seha’s facilities outpatient services, will develop the “Prevention of Tooth Decay in Early Childhood” program, which aims to increase the number of visits to the dentist for children under 24 months. Using occasional vaccination visits for children.
This program includes strengthening the role of other specialists such as pediatricians, nurses and obstetricians, by emphasizing dental cleaning as soon as the first tooth is finished, improving parental knowledge and behavior regarding the health and safety of children’s teeth. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the American Academy, in addition to promoting breastfeeding, preventive visits to the dentist before the age of one appear. Pediatricians and Pediatricians
To promote education and awareness, posters and e-learning materials will be placed at all 29 health centers affiliated with outpatient treatment services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
Outpatient Services – Public Health invites parents to book an appointment with a pediatric dentist through the Seha Call Center 80050.
Outpatient Services – Two specialized centers for child care, the Al-Mushrif Children’s Special Center in Abu Dhabi and the Al-Tawiyah Special Children’s Center in Al-Ain, receive comprehensive and integrated child care. Conditions of childhood to nurture a healthy and healthy generation.

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