February 5, 2023

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Egyptian artist Hassan Shaqash told the Musicians Syndicate: “Sorry, I’ll work even if it’s a Hashil dub.”


Egyptian artist Hassan Shakash

Egyptian festival singer Hassan Shaqash sent a message to a syndicate of musicians in his country.

Shakaoush said in a video on Facebook through his personal account: “I do not want to insult musicians, instrumentalists or drummers. I have the best status in my band. There is no age difference between us and no singer is worth without a band. The band’s success is 80%.

He added, “I have worked with a lot of musicians and I treat them with humility, without being lavish and luxurious. I have never done anything wrong to any player or drummer.”

He explained: “This mistake was the first mistake I ever made in my life.

He continued: “I am not a kind person, I protect my livelihood, fearing our Lord, death will be faster than the blink of an eye, my mother and father are the most valuable people in my life after our Lord, and I and my mother’s life do not insult any musician or musician, I said, if the father is not in control of the house he will be without a ruler for his children, I mean the master of the house is a drummer, his daughter will rise as a dancer, sorry, this word has no purpose.

He concluded by saying: “I am pleased with the judgment of our Lord and the syndicate decisions of the music industry, I am sorry for your entitlement, Alia Masalush, this speech was sent to all Egyptian musicians and bands, and every delay is kind.

Source: “Al-Masri Al-Yum”

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