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Abul Keith emphasizes the need to complete the path of Arab economic integration


Ahmed Shaban (Cairo)

Ahmed Abul Gaid, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, stressed the need to complete the path of Arab economic integration, noting its importance in eliminating unemployment and better utilization of Arab resources by Arab hands and narrowing the growth gap between the Arab League and the Arab League. The great Arab free trade that came into force

During the opening ceremony of the 47th session of the Arab Workers’ Conference in Cairo on Sunday, with the participation of 21 Arab countries, led by the Minister of Human Resources in Egypt, Mohammad Safan, Abul Gaid noted that the League is working to create a number of Arab agreements that will facilitate the movement of workers.

Abul Keith stressed that the Corona health crisis is an example of the form of turmoil and sudden crises that the world is expected to face in the future, and that it is necessary to improve the viability of economies in the face of such turmoil and shocks. Increases the efficiency of governments in managing crises, their ability to withstand, respond and recover quickly. He pointed out that the corona epidemic has had a profound effect on labor markets and employment levels in all Arab countries affected by high unemployment indicators.

He emphasized that while technological change, especially in the fields of mechanization and artificial intelligence, offered great opportunities to boost productivity, it was causing many embarrassments and another type of shock needed to be prepared and addressed. About the nature of the job and the availability of skills and jobs needed for the future, as well as issues related to pay.

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Furthermore, he noted that our governments and communities should not consider these issues and their consequences on employment as future trends, but as a reality emerging before us and a present knocking on doors in our communities.
He said: The technological revolution we are experiencing will lead to the disappearance of habits, jobs and the creation of new ones, and the development of perspectives and policies that are concerned with the development of education, vocational training and training. , As well as the enactment of legislation relating to labor and social security.
He added: “Taking advantage of all international efforts to revitalize the sustainable development trajectories in our countries and implementing programs that take into account its effects on climate change and working conditions, Egypt is hosting the Climate Summit (COP27) next year, which is an important opportunity we must seize. .

The current session will cover a number of important topics, the first of which will be the report by the Director General of the Office of Arab Labor, Faisal al-Mudiri, on “The Path to Entrepreneurship, Small Projects and Sustainable Development and Empowerment”, and the Impact of Technological Development on the Workplace and the Difficulties Facing the Digital Transformation of the Arab States, particularly the Corona Crisis Then, the needs of the green economy to provide jobs, part of a long-term sustainable recovery plan

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