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The United Arab Emirates has announced the first batch of 50 projects


The United Arab Emirates has announced the launch of 50 national programs covering a wide range of sectors, particularly the economic sector.

The United Arab Emirates introduced the “National Value Added Plan”, which led to 42% of purchases by federal agencies and major national companies toward national products and services. The project includes 7,300 national suppliers and an information platform that raises purchases ranging from 33 to 55 billion dirhams. Within 4 years.

The “Tech Drive” project was also announced, and 5 billion dirhams was allocated in support of the city’s industrial sector towards the Industrial Revolution over the next 5 years.

The United Arab Emirates has announced a “10×10” economic plan to boost the country’s exports, targeting 10 global markets and a 10% annual increase in exports to these markets.

Furthermore, “” has been announced as the Integrated Investment Platform for the Country, which brings together all local Emirates and 14 economists to provide investment opportunities available in the country through which companies can set up and open bank accounts.

The Emirates Investment Summit was also announced, which will take place in the first quarter of 2022 and will combine investment funds with government agencies and the private sector to create economic opportunities aimed at attracting 550 billion dirhams in foreign direct investment across the country. The next nine years.

The first phase of announcing the signing of 8 comprehensive partnership agreements with 8 strategic markets around the world, the volume of current trade with these markets, 257 billion dirhams, 40 billion dirhams annually, and the launch of the Global High Group Economic Partnership.

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The “100 programmers per day” program will add 3,000 programmers per month to the national economy and reach 100,000 programmers in 12 months. Helps to establish programming companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Of the fifty projects, “Data Law” was announced as the first federal law designed in collaboration with major international technology companies. The law gives individuals the freedom to control how they use, store and share their personal information. Supports the protection of the privacy of individuals and companies in the country.

He announced the largest “PyCon World Programming Summit” in the Middle East in the field of programming and digital economics, as it aims to improve skills, expertise and programs that specialize in programming, and to build a connection between the programmer community. Government, Private and Educational Institutions.

Of the fifty projects, the United Arab Emirates announced a new residential system called “Green Visa”, which separates the residence permit from the work permit, and is aimed at highly skilled, investors, entrepreneurs, elementary students and graduates. New offers that are different from the regular offer.

The Freelancer Visa is the first residential system designed for freelancers at the federal level.

The United Arab Emirates also announced the launch of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution Network” through the development and construction of 500 national companies providing technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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