March 30, 2023

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An Egyptian journalist reveals he suffered a catastrophic medical error

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Basma Wahba, an Egyptian media outlet, has been off-screen for a month and a half, revealing details about her health in recent days.

And the Egyptian media reported for the first time, “A serious medical error occurred at the hands of a doctor in the United States when she performed abdominal surgery four years ago, and in all these years he did not find out what it was. Until these days, the American doctor decided to go to London for a procedure when her pain increased.” Some experiments. According to “Cairo 24”.

And in London, “Her doctor who followed her in the past discovered that a large part of the stomach had been removed, leaving only a small part of the stomach, and Wahba immediately tried to contact the American doctor. She had been avoiding meeting her based on precautionary measures for the coronavirus, but contact with him for this al-Ayyam. There is no way, he did not respond to any messages.

Wahba confirmed, “Of course, she wants to sue this doctor through her husband, eminent lawyer and member of parliament Alaa Abed, but will the legal proceedings compensate her? Will her stomach return to normal? Of course not.”


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