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My music works in line with the Expo 2020 logo


Sami Youssef, an international artist, confirmed that the music he presents is in line with Expo 2020 Dubai’s motto of “Connecting Minds and Creating a Future”, and that it is a common language that everyone understands.
In an interview with Expo News Service, Sami Youssef explained that the show “Beyond the Stars” is an outstanding historical work worthy of Dubai Emirate and Expo 2020 Dubai. . This show is one of the best I have worked on in recent years, a wonderful, talented and diverse group of national races.
Yusuf pointed out that “Beyond the Stars” is a story inspired by the Holy Quran that took the audience on a unique musical journey whose music is in tune with the standards of audiences from different countries of the world.

Expo 2020 Dubai audience is eagerly waiting for you .. What is Sami Youssef’s gift to this audience?
I am very happy to be in Expo 2020 Dubai. This mega global event that takes place in Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a vibrant city throughout the year. For Expo 2020 Dubai visitors, I will be presenting a huge concert called “Beyond the Stars” for 75 minutes. We have worked for a long time for this concert with an amazing and talented band. This show is in line with the vision of Dubai and the UAE as a whole, so I am very happy and I hope it will attract the audience.

Sami Youssef is known for many languages ​​such as Turkish, English and Urdu. Can all these languages ​​be sung in Dubai because they are the most heard and spoken languages ​​by the people.
I sang in English in the UK, I sang in Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan, I got used to the linguistic diversity, it was so wonderful. I grew up in London, a multi-lingual city like Dubai. Dubai is a city reminiscent of many things.

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Can we talk a little bit about ‘beyond the stars’?
– “Beyond the Stars” is a historical event and a masterpiece worthy of the Dubai Emirate, and Expo 2020 deserves Dubai, this major international event deserves its status; So, we worked on getting inspiration from a true story inspired by the Holy Quran. The show is a musical that includes an intro and episodes featuring episodes from around the world called “Al Wasl”, the old name of the Emirate of Dubai, which is presented on “Beyond the Stars”. The inclusion of Dubai’s old name has given the world a long time to live, not only because of what it does, but also in the spirit of “beyond the stars”.

Can your fans and audience listen to your previous songs during the concert for Expo 2020 Dubai?
– I am very proud of the songs I have sung in the past, which has had great luck in spreading among the audience, and I am delighted and proud that audiences from all over the world are listening to them, especially since all the previous songs were performed with excellent music, which is the language that everyone understands regardless of their mother tongue, and this music Made by a creative team from all over the world. So, if people do not come for me, I hope they will come to enjoy listening to this music created by multinational and multi language group.

What do you think Expo 2020 Dubai will offer to humanity?
Expo 2020 Dubai is a great global event that takes place in the right place, in Dubai. Citizens, residents and foreign visitors alike are all proud that this event is historically significant. The important question is why Dubai? The answer is, geographically Dubai is at the heart of the world, and it is a pleasure to be proud of this event and to promote it in an appropriate way for all of us.

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Finally, what message does music bring to Expo 2020 Dubai?
The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is music, and music is the development of “connecting the mind, creating the future” because it calms hearts, unites people, and is the same message of Expo 2020 Dubai, a way to celebrate and feel better about this event.


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