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Actress Lindsay Lohan has announced her engagement to an Arab .. Find out the price of the engagement ring …


Thanks for reading.Read the news: Actress Lindsay Lohan Announces Engagement With Arabian Man.I Know The Price Of Engagement Ring …

Basravi News Encyclopedia – Author: Rania Kaswan Reveals International Star Lindsay Logan Instagram On Sunday, he got engaged to Badr Shammas, an Arab youth living in Dubai, and the engagement news caused controversy on social media without anyone noticing the size and price of the international star’s engagement ring. Website Pages six Luhan’s engagement ring is worth $ 250,000 and is about 6 carat diamonds.

The British media revealed the engagement of international star Lindsay Lohan to an Emirati man named Badr al-Shamas, where she posted on her Instagram account, citing him: “My love, my life, my family, my future.”

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” points out that international star Lindsay and her boyfriend have been linked since they were spotted together at a music festival in Dubai shortly before the corona epidemic broke out in 2020.

She revealed a network Netflix The first film of her new film starring international actress Lindsay Lohan has been released, according to a report released on the website, without revealing the name of the new film to be released during the Christmas holidays. “Deadline”.

Logan starred in the movie Water Over Street front, and announced last May that work on the new film would begin..

In the film, Logan plays the heir of a spoiled and newly engaged hotel where he suffers from amnesia after a skiing accident and thus finds himself in the care of a beautiful innkeeper and his daughter in the pre-Christmas days..

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According to a report published on the website, “Deadline”The new film stars George Young, Jack Wagner and Olivia Perez.

Logan recently moved out of the United States and lived in both Europe and Dubai, and worked intermittently during that period, the last time he attended a concert. Masked singer In 2019.

Netflix also released various films directed by the director of the series Squid games, Hwang Dong Hyuk, United States, after the huge success of the work that began on the broadcast platform.

Lindsay Logan’s engagement ring

Thanks for reading. Read the news: Actress Lindsay Lohan Announces Engagement With Arabian Man .. Price of Engagement Ring Knows … News Over

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