June 3, 2023

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The shooting of the second part of the series Anbar 6 begins without the participation of Solaf Favakarjee – Mada Post

The shooting of the second part of the series “Anbar 6” begins without the participation of Solaf Fawakarjee.

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Art production company Eagle Films has announced the start of shooting for the second part Amber series 6The first part of which was shown on the Shahid platform and received a huge audience last year.

Dramatic treatment of the series: Dowa Abdel Wahab, Development: Hani Sarhan, Director: Ali Al-Ali, Cast: Saba Mubarak, Fatima Al-Safi, Aydan Amar, Nawaf Al-Tafiri, Jumana Karim, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Anas Tayara, Raneen Mather , Eli Mitri.

The heroes of the first part joined the artists: Maram Ali, Fayez Kazak, Fares Yaghi, Nahla Dawood, Yusuf Haddad, Azad Rashtan, Azad Haddad, knowing that the hero of the first part, the artist Solaf Fawakarji, would not participate. Second part.

Solaf Fawakarji’s apology

Actress Sulaf Fawakharjee apologized for participating in the second part of Anbar 6, and in an interview with Saidi magazine, she said: “Unfortunately, I will not be in the second season of the series, which has started shooting. It conflicts with my timings.”

He added, “They had planned to start shooting months ago, but they postponed the shoot; The new era forced me to apologize as it conflicted with my duties.

And she continued, “I was hoping to be in the second season of Ward 6; Because I loved the series, the team, and the experience, but the conflict of time prevented me from doing so, and I wish them all the best and success.

Vel Ramadoss criticized Amber 6

Artist, Wal Ramadan criticized the Anbar 6 series, which angered its makers. He told the Amman channel: “Slav, when this work is finished, he will add to the biography, followed by something important.”

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He added, “In my personal opinion, I see the work as a whole, there is no slave, all the respect to the workmen. She is the head of the work, and if it is not her, it is all dog.”

Actress Sulaf Fawakarji explained to journalist Raba al-Zayad that Raba al-Zayad wanted to praise her, so the expression betrayed her, insisting that she admires his work since she read the text.

Notably, Ramadan apologized for the statement in his meeting with Al-Zayat, explaining that he did not want to offend the work and its industry, but wanted to praise Fawakharji, who was in a bad psychological state.