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Adel Imam celebrates his engagement to a woman outside the artistic community


Artist Adel Imam’s brother, producer Issam Imam, has denied reports of the leader’s deteriorating health, saying his brother spends most of his time with his children and grandchildren, explaining that all reports of his illness or poor health are justified. Rumors that have nothing to do with reality.

Issam Imam said: “The leader plays with his grandchildren, solves crossword puzzles and lives his life… I have received many calls from all over the world, including the latest from Australia to check on his health.” Rami Imam, the leader’s son, denied what was said about his father’s health during previous reports: “The leader is in good health, thank God he is fine, not tired, nothing bad about him. He assures you that you don’t have to worry about him.

At a time when many of his fans are wondering about the health of President Adel Imam, his grandson, Adel Rami Imam, celebrated his engagement to Farida Ashraf, a woman from outside the artistic community. Friends shared photos of the engagement party, much to the public’s delight.
Adel Imam is the first grandson of the leader, 8 grandchildren from his three children, director Rami Imam, artist Mohamed Imam and Sarah Imam who are far from the artistic community, unlike his father and two brothers.

Adel Imam’s grandchildren, three of whom are sons from director Rami Imam’s wife Yasmin, namely Adel, Ruqayyah and S el-Din, and two daughters from his wife Nuran Talat, daughters of artist Mohammad Imam. Kismat and Khadijah, and the three daughters of Sarah Imam, who was married to Ahmad Mokbel, were Camelia, Hala and Amina.
In a previous meeting with the leader, he said that he used to visit his grandchildren every morning: “I used to take them all with me in the village around them and every morning the grandchildren came to me. A day that I don’t see them will not count as my life.

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Adel Imam, the eldest grandson of director Rami Imam’s son Adel Imam, studied at an American university and directed a film as part of his studies. , as he would accompany him to the shooting sites. Hala, the granddaughter of the leader’s daughter Sarah, the first of the grandchildren, who appeared in the media, always confirmed that she did not think about acting, she loved to draw, and that her grandfather was her first fan. He wanted to see her paintings.

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