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Morocco “Opens Judicial Inquiry” Into “Injection That Caused Blindness”


Morocco’s judiciary has opened an investigation into complaints that several people suffered symptoms of blindness after being injected at a hospital in Casablanca, a judicial source confirmed in a statement.Maghreb voices“.

The same source said, “Based on the complaint of 15 members of the victims’ families, a judicial investigation has been launched under the supervision of the Attorney General at the Casablanca Court of Appeal.”

Several local media and pages on social media circulated video clips documenting the testimonies of people who said their relatives suffered symptoms of blindness after the injection at a hospital in Casablanca on August 20.

In this context, the website “Moroccan depth“, the aforementioned hospital “is on alert after about 16 people became blind as a result of a solution injected into blind patients in the ophthalmology department.”

In a testimony on the website,Hepa PressThe son of one of the victims said his mother injected an eye five years ago to treat cataracts, and several patients shared the injection for 3,000 dirhams (about $300). ), the injection solution was shared among them.

The same speaker confirmed that his mother was seeing, but after the last injection, last September, she felt severe pain in her eyes and could not see, she was surprised when she returned to the hospital the next day. Those who were injected with her had the same symptoms.

The testimonies sparked angry reactions among users of social platforms, who described the incident as “scandalous” and “a scandal”.Bad luck“We call upon the relevant authorities to initiate an urgent investigation into the matter.

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For its part, the management of the “August 20, 1953 Hospital” announced in a statement Wednesday evening that it had “opened a medical and administrative investigation to determine the circumstances and circumstances of this incident,” which it described as “isolated.”

Regarding this, the hospital administration said, “16 patients suffering from retinal disease with visual impairment are being treated in the ophthalmology department of the hospital. Such treatments are being followed.”

The next day, he confirmed that “two of them had symptoms of eye redness and pain and loss of vision” and accordingly “the medical team called all the injected patients (…) and they were admitted. Hospitalized, kept under medical observation and given necessary treatment.

He added, “Results of medical monitoring showed that all patients showed signs of significant improvement after treatment, five of whom completed their treatment and left the hospital, while the others are still in the hospital for further treatment.” They will leave the hospital after treatment in the “coming days”.

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