May 28, 2023

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Zahrat Al-Khaleej - What is the fate of the series 'Parallel World' after the death of Talal Abdul Aziz?

Zahrat Al-Khaleej – What is the fate of the series ‘Parallel World’ after the death of Talal Abdul Aziz?

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Hisham Kamal, the Egyptian director, revealed the fate of the “Equal World” series. Series.

Hisham responded to the release of a popular page on “Instagram” which included the final cancellation message of the “Parallel World” series, denying the rumors, due to the death of one of the series’ main protagonists: “This news is true and unsubstantiated.” Indicates that the series will continue to be shown during the upcoming Ramadan 2022 drama season.

Numerous social media pioneers have been in touch with Hisham Kamal’s response, and have expressed delight that the series has not left the upcoming Ramadan race, in a series that brings together one of the biggest comedians in the series.

The series “Equal World” starring Tonia Samir Khanem, Talal Abdel Aziz, Amr Wahba, Shaimaa Chief, Udhaka and Islam Ibrahim was written by Amar Wahba and Hisham Kamal and directed by Hisham Kamal.

The series “Parallel World” did not compete in the Ramadan 2021 drama season, and many series stars were infected with the new corona virus and its filming was postponed due to the death of the Sameer star. Ghanem, then the star of the series’ father Talal Abdulaziz.

Artist Tonia Samir Ghanem has persuaded her parents to stay away from art for a short time, after being infected with the new corona virus.

In a recorded video sent to the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the Aswan Women’s Film Festival, Tonia Samir Khanem revealed her father’s wishes.

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Tonia said her father, artist Samir Khanem, recommended her to preserve the closeness of the people, which she felt in the crisis she was going through, which she received through calls for mercy and prayers for healing for the late Samir Khanem. His mother, artist Talal Abdel Aziz, feels he deserves it. Everywhere.

Tonia dedicated her letter to her father and mother, emphasizing her pride in being a part of them and thanking and thanking everyone.