March 30, 2023

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Adli al-Khai was lost and lost again: see what he said

For the second time since Al-Ahli Club’s historic loss to South African Sundowns.

Chairman of the football club in Sengotai Mr. Adil al-Khai came to us with many, many reports.

The strangest thing about Al-Khai’s claims is that she doesn’t sing like she used to or get fat from hunger.

Al-Khai’s reports describe the state of Al-Ahli club management in recent years under Al-Khatib’s leadership, and it is quite simply a management of say and no do.

Al-Ahli has no money:

Adly Al-Khai, the head of Al-Ahly Club’s football department, announced several important news on “Al-Ahly” channel, “Malik and Qataba”, yesterday, Monday.

Al-Qai’i said in the reports of “Al-Ahly” channel: “Everyone is talking about signing a striker, in all the matches that escaped us, if we did not enter the goals; we would have won it.”

The former director of contracts at the Al-Ahly club continued: “Al-Ahly has no financial liquidity, which is a surprise. We want to get our money and rights so we can work.”

He added, “There is no cash flow. Yes, sponsorship has crossed the 2 billion pound barrier, but this is over 4 years; that’s 500 million a year, and the club’s expenses are over a billion.

I can’t find:

He continued: “I put my hands in my pockets; Can’t figure it out, don’t know how to collect my dues, people say it’s stingy, on the contrary, there are hours of unjust spending.

He added, “Iacbo was the first foreign player we signed, but the deal fell through due to the medical test. If he had passed the test, the striker’s problem would have been solved.”

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And he continued his speech: “We entered the Mollica contract, we were in contact with the Besiktas club for 20 days, we worked on another Brazilian player.”

He explained: “There are people who enter into contract after contract, and suddenly the player and his agent make unreasonable demands ($700,000) as commission. No one can pressure me because I need a player.”