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7 tips and 7 prohibitions for safe fasting during Ramadan for pregnant women


Written by Mohammad Sofi

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 03:30 AM

In a few days, the holy month of Ramadan will be upon us, and fasting during Ramadan has many health benefits, including weight loss and better control of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. He gave a medical report on fasting and contraindications to fasting.

Dr. Duha Abdoh explained that pregnant women are one of the most sensitive groups who should consult a doctor before deciding whether or not to fast during Ramadan, as her Ramadan fasting depends on her health, as well as explaining how fasting during pregnancy affects the fetus, which is free from any disease and healthy. Pregnant women who do not fast during Ramadan are healthy, the fetus and her fasting does not lead to a decrease in the weight or length of the fetus or the risk of premature birth, if she eats a healthy and balanced diet, there may be benefits from fasting for pregnant women. Lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.

The Head of the Nutrition Department of the National Research Center confirmed that a pregnant woman who is in good health and does not have any pregnancy-related health problems can observe the Ramadan fast by following the following steps:

1- Breakfast should be healthy and balanced, so that it contains all the necessary nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals), breakfast is divided into two phases (breakfast and two or three hours later. It). Breakfast should include hot soup, eaten immediately after dates at the beginning of breakfast to stimulate the stomach after a long fast. Also, breakfast should contain fresh vegetables, which should be an important source of vitamins and mineral salts, as well as dietary fiber, necessary for the movement of the digestive system and the natural elimination process, and it protects. Pregnant woman from constipation. Protein should vary between vegetarian and animal, and the source of carbohydrates in the diet should be rice, pasta or bread.

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2- You should completely stay away from high fat foods and pickles and reduce the intake of sweets as they contain high percentage of sugars which leads to sudden rise in blood sugar.

3- Drink enough water from Iftar to Suhoor (8-10 cups) and at the same time consume natural juices while consuming vegetable or fruit juices, and preferably add bee honey if you want to sweeten it.

4 Avoid soft drinks completely due to their high sugar content, soda which increases the acidity of the blood and harms the health of the mother and fetus, and avoid stimulants like coffee and tea which cause diuresis. leading to dehydration.

5- The pre-dawn meal should be eaten very late, early in the morning, and yogurt, eggs, fresh vegetables, local bread or whole grains should be a source of dietary fiber, which is very important for a feeling of satiety. She should drink water early in the morning to keep her body hydrated during the fasting period, as dehydration poses a risk to her and the fetus.

6- Pregnant women should be careful not to stay in the sun for long periods of time during the fast so that their body does not become dehydrated and dehydrated, and they should not do hard housework during the fast.

7- Indulging in light sports activities is preferable and should be after Iftar.

It also revealed cases in which a woman should break the fast and break the fast immediately:

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• Pregnant women should break their fast and break their fast to prevent dehydration if vomiting persists.

• Also, if there is a change in the nature or frequency of fetal movement (less than 10 movements in 12 hours).

• A feeling of dizziness, general weakness, dizziness or excessive sweating, which is evidence of a drop in blood sugar, requires breaking the fast and consuming fluids and some sugars. Also, severe thirst and severe dry eyes are signs of dehydration in the body.

• Pain that feels like a contraction as it can be a sign of preterm labor.

Dr. Duha Abdo also revealed cases that prevent a pregnant woman from fasting in Ramadan:

1- During the first months of pregnancy, the woman suffers from severe weakness, low blood pressure and frequent vomiting, thus avoiding food and drinks for a long period of 13-15 hours leaves her dehydrated, depressed, and tired. Malnourished pregnant women may also find that fasting may lead to hypoglycemia in the mother and to resort to fatty foods, the consumption of which leads to the production of ketone bodies and their potential access to the fetus. Harmful to fetus.

2- A woman who suffers from excessive salts or pus in her urine should abandon her fast because she needs to drink water throughout the day.

3- Pregnant women should avoid fasting immediately in case of fetal weight loss due to insufficient or insufficient blood supply to the fetus, so she should eat and drink at intervals during the day.

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4- One of the most important problems that pregnant women face is high blood pressure, which can occur in the last months of pregnancy, so fasting is strictly prohibited for pregnant women with high blood pressure.

5- A pregnant woman with diabetes, whether as a result of pregnancy or pre-pregnancy diabetes, is strictly forbidden to fast due to the complications of diabetes in the mother and the importance of taking medication to control it. Blood sugar levels.

6- If a woman is pregnant with twins, fasting in Ramadan is forbidden to protect her and the fetus and prevent her from giving birth prematurely.

7- Fasting is strictly prohibited if a pregnant woman has preeclampsia or the possibility of it occurring due to high blood pressure, percentage of salts and fluid retention in the body. as well as high albuminuria.

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