February 8, 2023

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African call for Ukraine to clear landmines in Odessa port for wheat exports

African call for Ukraine to clear landmines in Odessa port for wheat exports

Russian attack on Ukraine Western sanctions imposed on Moscow have disrupted grain exports between the two countries and raised fears of global food insecurity.

The price of grains went up African countries The world’s poorest, increasing the impact of the conflict in Ukraine, and raising fears of social unrest.

Saul told the French media “France 24” and “RFE” that if wheat exports from Ukraine were not resumed, Africa would be “in a very dangerous situation of famine destabilizing the continent.”

Russia and Ukraine produce 30% Wheat supply Globalization.

But grain is stuck in Ukrainian ports due to the Russian siege, while Western sanctions on Moscow have disrupted exports from Russia.

Moscow has called on Ukraine to remove water from the Ukrainian-controlled port of Odessa and allow the removal of banned grain, but Kiev has refused, fearing a Russian attack.

Saul is said to be the President of Russia Vladimir Putin The man he met in Moscow last week promised that this would not happen.

“I told him: ‘If the Ukrainians clear the landmines, they will enter the port,'” Saul added.

He continued, “Now there must be work to end demining with the participation of the United Nations (…) so that Ukrainian wheat can be extracted.”

Saul meets the French president Emmanuel Macron Friday in France.

He is expected to ask her to help remove the barriers European union Imposed on Russia, especially to cancel its exclusion from the SWIFT global banking system.

“Because our banks are mostly affiliated with European banks, they can no longer pay for Russian products,” the CAF chairman said.

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