February 8, 2023

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Amino acids found in asteroid Ryugu soil samples

Amino acids found in asteroid Ryugu soil samples

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TOKYO – (Gigi Press) – A team of researchers has found amino acids in sand and stone samples brought to Earth from the asteroid Ryu in 2020 by Japan’s Hayabusa 2 study.

The team, which includes the Japan Space Agency and the University of Ohio, identified 23 types of amino acids in the samples.

The results of the sample analysis were released on Friday at the Japan Academy of Transactions.

Amino acids have been reported to have been discovered so far in meteorites found on Earth. But since these meteorites are in constant contact with the Earth’s surface, it cannot be ruled out that amino acids entered them after the fall. Ryuku’s models may support the theory that meteorites flew over the planet during its cold season, returning amino acids.

This is the first time that amino acids have been found in a sample brought from outside the Earth. This discovery supports the theory that the origin of life on Earth came from space.

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