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After 2555 days of conflict, the dispute between Mahroos and the Sultan came to an end.


Finally, the dispute between the Egyptian singer Baha Sultan and the composer Nasr Mahroos came to an end, thus freeing the Baha Sultan from the monopoly contract crisis he had been experiencing for seven years.

According to Egyptian newspapers, the dispute between the two sides has come to an end and the Sultan has the right to contract with any other production company to deliver new songs, and in the last few hours, news has been raised that the Sultan has already signed a deal with “Rotana”. The company that started recording new songs after his art career was terminated due to monopoly deals.

The two sides will be appearing alongside Egyptian artist and producer Esad Yunus, who proposed a compromise between them during the Baha Sultan’s show episodes a year ago.

Baha Sultan’s relationship with Nasr Mahroos began in 2000, when Mahroos’ “Free Music” signed a contract with Baha Sultan stipulating that the company would implement and distribute Baha’s lyrics, and they agreed to a joint agreement, despite some differences between the two parties. With a new contract in 2009.

In 2011, Baha Sultan released her latest album, “We Malna.” The real crisis began when Baha’i’s deal with Mahroos, scheduled for December 2014, approached, but Mahroos refused to finalize the deal until Baha’i paid. The amount is one and a half million dollars.

Baha’s relationship with Mahroos lasted for more than 20 years, during which time he released several important albums in his history, including: “Yali Walk, 3 Minutes and My People I Stand”, which was a success, and the relationship ended. With an album and our money, it contained 14 songs, after which Nasr Mahroos refused to release the album.

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On the details of the crisis, Baha Sultan said in a press release that Mahroos had refused to release the last album and that Baha had refused to sign the two documents attached to the agreement between them until Baha signed, and the controversy continued. As the activities of the Technical Baha came to a complete halt, the state of crisis between the two sides continued.

Baha Sultan’s career with Free Music began with the release of the album “Yali Walk” in 1999, he released the album “3Takaik” in 2001, followed by the album “Come I Akef” in 2003, and in 2006 he presented the album “Khan Zaman”. . And he was away for 5 years and then came back with the album “We Malna”. During the controversy between them, Mahroos released Baha Al-Dini’s album “Body Ya Rab”.

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