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The star of the drama season..Mohammad Ramzan and Tim Haasan have a tough competition


As the Ramadan drama season draws to a close, names have topped this year’s list of stars and most important attendees as the competition between silver screen stars intensifies for first positions and indicators of its public following on social media. In a survey conducted by “Emirates Today” through its official accounts through communication devices, to announce surprises and nominations for some of the main names in the Arab art scene this season, the type of works seen by the audience while the suggested opinions varied, limited to experiences of Egyptian theater and joint Arab theater.

“Jaber Mayor”

The Egyptian star Mohammed Ramadan took first place for his role in the series “Jafar Al-Omda”, which has achieved to this day, the highest number of followers and reaching the “trend” in many Arab countries, and has been ranked more than once since the beginning of the holy month. Google Global Search. This means that many producers and those in charge of theater in Egypt continue to invest in Mohamed Ramadan’s wide and expanding stardom to market the work and achieve the expected lead at a time when he is still achieving.

Readers participating in the “Emirates Today” poll nominated “Mayor” Muhammad Ramadan, and reader Mustafa wrote: “An artist without art, Muhammad Ramadan.” “Trust in God is victory,” he added. As for the owner of the “Samurai” account, he commented: “Without discussing the number one,” one of the readers noted the excellent performance of the star Hala Sidki in this work, as well as the performance of the Jordanian actor Mundar. Reyhana, then Egyptian actor Ahmed Dash in the same series.

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“Emirates Today” Readers’ Recommendations Artist Tim Hassan is second for his role in the “Al-Zand – The Orontes Wolf” series, as the Syrian star succeeds in presenting a detailed and well-rounded personality, committed to the needs of a former recruit facing the injustice of feudalism and the personality of a rebel. Reader Gina Sobie: “Just the team.” Another reader praised Tim Haasan’s experience and wrote: “Syrian actors are always a difficult number, Syrian drama is always at the top despite difficult circumstances, and no matter what work they do, the work will inevitably succeed.

As for the third place, it was assigned by the readers of “Emirates Today” to the Syrian actress Karis Bashar, who, of course, played the role of the Syrian refugee “Maryam” in the series “Fire with Fire” directed by Muhammad Abdul Aziz. In parallel with this appointment, many readers liked the experience of the Syrian actor Basam Yakur in the famous series “Al-Arbaji” and his unique appearance, through which he succeeded this time in attracting the attention of the audience and convincing the character. Of “Abd al-Arbaji”, he defies the tyranny of his enemy and wrestles with his bare hands the stab wounds of treachery and treachery. Abu Hamza al-Nashwati reader, Hasan wrote: “In the name of Yakur, the best of them all.” Another commented: “Al-Arbaji … in the name of Yakur.”

Advanced levels

Also, according to followers’ recommendations; The Egyptian actress Mona Zaki achieved advanced positions in the leading indicators this year, through the character of “Hanan” in the drama series “Under the Guardianship”, which was shown in the second half of Ramadan, by writers Sherin Diab and Khaled Diab. , and director Mohammad Shakir Godair. The work tells about the escape of its heroine from the city of Alexandria to Tamita with her two children, in pursuit of her brother-in-law, who steals her dead husband’s boat and turns her life upside down. Get away from difficulties and past and start creating a different future for yourself and your children.

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Egyptian actor Ahmed Amin also achieved an advanced position in a poll about his experience in director Alaa Ismail’s “Al-Safarah” series, which ended in the first half of Ramadan, according to reader Dr. Muhammad wrote: “Ahmad Amin is above all nations.”

Readers noted several drama personalities who caught their attention in the works of Ramadan 2023, such as reader “Reham”, who praised the performance of Syrian actor Mahmoud Nasr in the series “Jam Al-Eez” directed by Rasha Sharbadji. , Egypt’s “Yasser” commented on Khaled al-Nabawi’s performance in the series, calling “The Imam’s Message” a “respectable, talented artist”. Actor Amr Saad in “Al-Azhar” directed by Yasser Sami.

The marketing “crowd”.

Talking about the competitive situation surrounding the Arab star who has a significant presence in this year’s Ramadan drama, the efforts of Arab production companies in marketing and promoting their stars is clear and evident by mobilizing thousands of interactors daily. Their sites are filled with the latest clips and excerpts of works shown on screen, including broadcast activity and animation and creative response to the events of these works and the interest in them and their viewership.

Most of the stars of the Ramadan race were also eager to engage “diligently” in the advertising wave, the production companies should mount in the desire to gather views and interest, through the portal of their sites and “social media” pages. , they attend to constantly respond and interact with the audience’s comments and clarify the paths of the characters they present.

“No. 1” for his role in “Jafar Al-Omda” which continues to achieve huge numbers and following till date.

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– In second place, the hero of the series “Al-Jand – The Wolf of Orontes”, the Syrian star succeeded in presenting a detailed personality.

The third place was taken by Syrian actress Karis Bashar for her role as Syrian refugee “Maryam” in the series “Fire with Fire”.

Mona Jackie achieved advanced levels in leading indicators, through the character of “Hanan” in the drama series “Under Guardianship”:

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