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After cursing the walls, Kim Jong-un collects samples of thousands of Koreans’ lines to reach the culprit.


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International media have reported that thousands of people in North Korea are under investigation to find the author of the leader’s attack graffiti.

South Korean-based news website reports that North Korean authorities have launched an investigation with thousands of residents of the capital, Pyongyang, to find the owner of the graffiti, which President Kim Jong Un described as “the son of a ****”.

According to the Daily NK, “Kim Jong-un, the son of a ****, was discovered by a local while patrolling the trail within hours.

Soon, officers removed the offensive writing from the wall and police began searching for its owner.

The Ministry of Defense has been conducting “signature analyzes” for workers and students in factories and local companies since December 23, and has moved officials from house to house to inquire about their whereabouts to residents on the day the writing appeared.

According to site sources, locals expect that it will not take long for the culprit to be found after authorities have installed surveillance cameras everywhere since Kim came to power.

The attack comes amid recent famine in the country following the recent floods and the closure of the northern border with China due to the corona virus outbreak.

Daily NK evidence indicates that authorities are taking the incident seriously, especially as graffiti appeared on the tenth anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (December 17), Kim Jong Il’s birthday. Mother Kim Jong Chuk (December 24), the full session session of the Central Committee of the ruling Labor Party, began on December 27 and lasted for several days.

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North Korea strictly forbids direct criticism of the country’s leader. According to the site, those involved accused the authorities of committing crimes against the state or treason and sent them to concentration camps or hanged them.

In March 2018, a colonel in the civil service was publicly hanged at the end of an investigation into allegations that he was a “gang leader” behind cartoons criticizing Kim, which appeared on the walls of the Pyongyang Cultural House.

It is noteworthy that North Korea has been suffering under international sanctions imposed on it by its military operations, including the closure of borders due to the Corona epidemic, which is a pressure factor in its economy.


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