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“Arab Intelligence” .. An attempt to bring the diaspora mind back to their home countries


Dubai: Mohammed Ibrahim

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, announced that the “Arab geniuses” attempt to contact the Arab geniuses with “physics, mathematics, programming science and research”. Numerous academic leaders and academic community across the Emirates in all its forms.

They said the initiative would reunite the crowd of expatriate Arab minds and serve as a serious step towards creating a new generation of scientists in the fields of science who will focus on various fields in the future through the creators of unlimited Arab civilization. The support of His Highness, the Vice President of the State for the Restoration of Arab Civilization, rewrote its history with exceptional efforts and unparalleled insights at the Arab and international levels.

“Al-Khaleej” monitors part of the Department of Education’s contacts and the extent of the impact of the “Arab Intelligent” program, for which 100 million dirhams have been allocated to the scientific and intellectual communities, both domestically and in the Arab world.

Beginning with Hussein bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, he said that the advancement, development, and differentiation of our reality, knowledge, science, and civilization has become a major concern of the United Arab Emirates, not only at the local level, but at the Arab level, and as the cornerstone of any renaissance it seeks, building human empowerment. Arises from the requirements dictated by the need for, and this is what intelligent leadership places at the heart of its absolute interests and priorities. The charitable, humanitarian, intellectual, scientific and cultural initiatives of the United Arab Emirates must reach out to every person seeking to achieve achievement and uniqueness by roaming all over our Arab world.

He said the program of Arab civilization, represented by thousands of Arab geniuses in physics, mathematics, programming science, research and economics and other fields, was initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and reaffirmed. The compass is in the right direction, and man first focused on the foundation of construction, in this context, we need to help people to get advanced science and invest in them. It has become a well-established reality with the vision and vibrancy of leadership that touches the concerns of the youth and the needs of our country leadership for the future.

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Focusing on achieving unique outcomes in the fields of science in the future will affect the fundamental category on which nations can rely on progress, i.e. scientists and design skills and future aspects that will lead to innovation, research, development and creativity.

The initiative of the Arab geniuses, initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was confirmed by Jameela Bint Salem Musabih Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Foundation for School Education. Continuation of his vision for the resumption of the civilization movement in our Arab region, his high profile seeks to integrate it into a concrete reality for present and future generations, and through a unique initiative to become an integral part of the leadership of the Arab nation. The world and true contributors to the creation of civilized achievements at all levels of humanity. He pointed out that the support of the intelligent leadership for the youth continues to create an environment conducive to their renaissance, both domestically and in the Arab world, and to empower them with tools for their individuality and uniqueness, which demonstrates the rise of the message. Carrying the message of the United Arab Emirates, its progress and an entire nation and the rankings of the intellectually, civilized, scientifically and culturally advanced nations. And goes to the future, creating teams for future generations, hoping to achieve the expected hopes and successes.

Reading requirements

For her part, Fawzia Carib, Undersecretary of School Operations, confirmed that the “Arab geniuses” were a unique initiative to accurately and systematically study the future needs of the Arab world, and explained that this new cultural and intellectual project was of a high standard. The leap that leads to future development with the help of talent, as well as the advancement of the new generation.

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Arab communities hope to usher in a new phase in civilized history, according to a systematic road map, based on modern science and disciplines, with important strategic areas and fields simulated in their content, clearly covering the needs of the future. High quality product of scientists in important fields, in line with the vision of a nation that keeps pace with urbanization and progress in all fields. He stressed that this initiative reflects positively on the process of creating generations, because it is based on the adoption of future capabilities in those fields, with the help of the original makers of civilization, without beautification, which will help the people of the Arab communities. Skills and abilities of future science.

Skills and abilities

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Scientific, Intellectual, Cultural, Economic and Development Agency we see every day in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates, believes Dr. Nooruddin Atatre, the Deputy Director of Al Ain University. One of the chapters on the resumption of Arab civilization.

Convoys of Arab minds migrated from their homeland north and west, and today, thanks to the vision of brilliant leadership seeking to stop this bleeding and invest in unique and exceptional skills, abilities and talents. Within a piercing vision that seeks to protect the creative Arab minds and harness their potential.

Professor Abdul Latif Al Shamsi, Director of the Colleges of Technology, stressed that the United Arab Emirates is an archive of creative Arab minds and a pioneer in promoting the uniqueness of Arab civilization and re-establishing the status quo of Arab civilization. Impact on human civilization.

He said the “Arab-wise” initiative initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid embodied his interest in caring for Arab geniuses and contributing to creating a better future for their country and future Arab descendants.

Dr. Hamdan bin Mohammed is the President of Smart University. Mansour al-Awar confirmed that the “Arab Intelligent” project serves as a roadmap for resuming the civilized role of the Arab world in enriching human heritage and shaping future features. It is not surprising that this unique Arab civilization project was started by an exceptional leader who believes that “recovering minds” is not an achievement, it is a key indicator of development, believing that “where big minds go, is better”. Things will happen tomorrow. With a future museum allocating 100 million dirhams to support 1,000 Arab women over the next five years, the Arab world is preparing to launch the largest scientific, research and intellectual movement of its kind today.

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New page

According to Salah al-Hosani, the chairman of the board of directors of the Teachers’ Union, he believes that the efforts of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Arab geniuses are a new page in the history of Arab civilization. Focusing on collecting the original geniuses and scientists of that ancient civilization, it is important to focus on the fields of “physics, chemistry and biological programming and mathematics” because it simulates the future, its features and needs.

He explained that the initiative opens new frontiers for teachers in these fields, not only at the local level, but also at the Arab world, indexing modern roles for them in creating and preparing generations for these developments.

New journey

Regarding the Arab civilization and its re-emergence and resurgence in our various Arab communities, the Vice President of the State, His Highness, urged the educator Walid Fouad Laffy that God protect him. And focus on regaining its strength and position among the nations of the world. He said it was a new journey to explore the minds that created the Arab civilization, which would benefit generations and effectively contribute to the creation of a new phase in the history of the Arab civilization, simulating with its content and objectives. The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and subsequent technological developments in all fields.

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