June 6, 2023

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After falling in front of Liverpool .. Milan fans are afraid of the “unknown fate”!

Dubai (Etihad)

The shock of losing a win against Liverpool in the Champions League opener has continued to plague Rosoneri fans who have regained a history of problems affecting the great “Lombardy” club, avoiding it and winning the Champions League since 2008.
Milan fans are frustrated that after Liverpool ‘s 2-3 defeat in the Champions League at the start of their careers, due to concerns about the team’s fate and its unknown future, the recent suffering caused by the “Corona” epidemic led the club to record the biggest deficit in its history and the 2019-2020 season. Reached 195 million euros.
After a setback due to the Mirabelli and Fazoni duo’s plan or previously announced “continuous action”, Milan’s lack of funding for the great goalkeeper Donnaramma, who went to the French league, achieved nothing but victory, and all returned to the lead together, fearing the first loss and the continent’s early farewell to the championship.
After the team’s former player and current sports director Paulo Malini, he started his new project, which resulted in a temporary victory and made the team “champions”, but after the initial defeat, fans began to fear early on. Go far from the competition and exit in the presence of an incredible team to compete in more than one front.
Although the Milan and Malini management have announced a major trend after 2020, with the advent of new names participating in the Champions League as the future building to preserve the stability of the budget for many years, the adventure is now in the air, with fans noting the loss of players with free departing technical skills. Especially goalkeeper Donnarumma and Turkish Hagan.
The concerns of the fans have not been hidden from the management of Milan and Maldini, but next year’s league in the hope that the main direction of the club will be to maintain the stability of the budget for the coming years, get down to the current names and rely on the champions, which could be a major turning point in the future. Success guarantees Milan’s gradual return to normalcy, but failure could lead to a new crisis, with Milan without additional years on the world map.

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