June 2, 2023

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كويكب صغير يمر قرب الأرض اليوم دون خطورة.. اعرف التفاصيل

A small asteroid will pass close to Earth today without danger .. I know the details

Testify Earth Today, Thursday, September 16, 2021, the newly discovered small asteroid is called 2021 RF16 Its diameter is five meters, it moves at a speed of three kilometers per second, and with the naked eye at 318,537 kilometers, which is close to (31:15 pm GMT) and its apparent brightness (+17.9), it is not in danger of colliding with our planet..

And the Jetta Astronomical Society in a report, revealing that the asteroid is 2021 RF16 The list of near-Earth objects includes any asteroid that interferes with Earth’s orbit, and these asteroids are closely monitored, and thanks to high-resolution observations and astronomical mechanical calculations, their orbits are generally known to be of high accuracy..

Based on the latest high-definition orbital calculations, it is confirmed that the asteroid 2021 is approaching RF16 Thursday is the closest thing in the next ten years.

Asteroid 2021 RF16 Smaller than the asteroid that penetrated the Russian sky in February 2013, it reached a diameter of 20 meters and deformed at low altitudes, emitting a huge amount of energy that shattered the building’s glass and caused a shock wave in the sky..

If the asteroid 2021 RF16 In the course of a collision with the Earth, it will disintegrate above the Earth’s atmosphere and cause a “catastrophic state catastrophe” and will not have a serious impact on the safety of the Earth’s citizens. However, the asteroid is interesting..

You take advantage of such opportunities to learn more about asteroid formation. These objects are like a time machine that retains many of the secrets of that period from the remnants of our solar system and can tell more about its origin. Our planet.

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In addition, monitoring the asteroid’s motion is an excellent opportunity to test international capabilities to detect and monitor objects close to Earth and to assess our ability to respond together to any real threat to any asteroid in the future..

It is noteworthy that small asteroids approaching Earth are likely to be affected by the gravitational pull of our planet, the effect of which is called “gravity aiding” and allows space agencies to propel spacecraft to various locations in our solar system..