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After Google announced its development, what is the Android Auto operating system?


Known as the operating systemAndroid AutoIt is an operating system for screens in various types of cars offered by Google, and this system allows motorists to follow their digital lives during long driving hours because the system provides comprehensive control over tasks such as playing music, maps and navigation, and viewing incoming text messages. Receive calls and more.

Android Auto

Follows Android Auto operating system Same experience Powered by Smartphone, but since it is a car based operating system you do not need to look at it much and distract from the road because it relies heavily on voice control, and Google began to offer its own car integrated system on Android phones starting with Android 10, used when connecting a phone that supports the system to the car display This is the key component.

If car owners do not have their cars come with one that supports it, they can install support screens on the computer, most modern cars in most countries come with screens that support the computer, some cars support using the wireless computer, and others require wiring.

With this system, you can run maps, music and many other applications including WhatsApp, Gig, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, Visat, Google Allo, Signal, ICQ and other communication applications. .

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