June 3, 2023

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Is the brain able to predict the future?  Science responds

Is the brain able to predict the future? Science responds

Scientists at the University of Danish Aarhus have announced that the brain can predict the future when listening to music.

According to researchers at the Association of Psychological Websites, the human brain can complete a cut melody by analyzing the rhythm and speed of the melody it hears.

“The brain is always one step ahead, comparing our expectations of what is going to happen,” says lead researcher Nils Hansen.
This study is dedicated to studying the function of the brain, which determines where it ends and where something new begins. The researchers decided to conduct experiments to identify the musical phrases in the middle of the melody.

To do this, the researchers asked 38 people to listen to speech plays. They can pause play and then restart the computer. At the same time, the researchers warned all participants that they would take the melody knowledge test after the experiment was over. During the experiment, the researchers recorded the time that participants listened to each musical phrase.

In the second experiment all participants heard the same melody and the same part, and then they had to evaluate its completeness. From this experiment it became clear that the participants made a long pause to the melody with vague results.

However, researchers point out that experiments have shown that people tend to end up with “Presto imperfection” as a result of a musical idea. These results will allow us to better understand how the human brain acquires new knowledge about language or movements.

From the results of these experiments the researchers concluded that people look at the world’s statistical information, not only to predict what will happen next, but also to analyze a continuous stream of information, into very understandable small parts.

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