March 25, 2023

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After Mohammed Ramadan, the public begins a campaign saying, "We do not like Tamar Hosni in Morocco."

After Mohammed Ramadan, the public begins a campaign saying, “We do not like Tamar Hosni in Morocco.”

A few days after launching a similar campaign against artist Mohammed Ramadan in response to a similar denial campaign by Moroccan artist Chad Lamzarat, activists on social media launched a new campaign and hashtag under the headline “We do not like Damer Hosni in Morocco”. Prevent the latter from appearing in concerts or art shows on Egyptian television.

During his meeting with the ET Arab show, Moroccan journalist Yousri al-Maraki said that the campaign launched by the Moroccan public against the conduct of the Mohammedan Ramadan concert was only a reaction to the campaign organized by Egyptian Egyptian artists. Public against Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, but it is not a war, ultimately siblings Arab people.

Mararoki pointed out that the Moroccan public has the right to be contacted and to take a stand against underestimating the stars of Morocco and underestimating them properly. Wants to see the value of the Moroccan artist on Arab sites.

On the other hand, a day after the release of the video clip of his previous concert in Morocco, the Moroccan public released another hashtag that he was the only artist in Morocco who was attended by 400,000 people. .. The new hashtag has the caption “We do not like Tamar Hosni in Morocco”. Morocco should also be included in the public campaign.

A group of Moroccan activists released the hashtag “#Morocco_No_Muhammad_Ramadan_” on social media yesterday. Following the announcement by Ramadan that a party will be revived there next December, “Twitter” has topped the list. Whether it was renewing a concert in Egypt in 2020 or offering to meet him on the show “Zahran”, they rejected what the Egyptians had done with Chad Lamjard.

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