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Reviews for the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series


Best Summary: Reviews for the Clonova Fantasy Reverie series

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Clonova Fantasy Fantasy series It was released this week on the Nintendo Switch, and now the reviews are pouring in.

The second features classic platforms in a remastered package Clonova: The Door to Pantomele And this Clone 2: Lunatea’s VeilThere’s also a demo available for download from the Switch eShop.

Our Nintendo Life review will be up in the next few days, so here’s what many stores are saying about the return of Clonova!

To get started, visit the sister site Push the box He gave the PlayStation 5 a 7/10 – admitting that he could do more for players who tried these games during the recording:

“The Fantasy Reverie series is a relatively unadulterated remastered collection. There are some quality-of-life improvements, and the games have new high-definition color, but if you didn’t like Clonoa you won’t like it now. If you weren’t playing Clonoa at the time, check out these games for what they are. And viewing doesn’t require the necessary nostalgic glasses — just a few good sites and a little more, and that’s fine.”

Pocket tricks Look for Clonova to return as a “cool platformer” and think that platforming clips like Mario and Crash Benedict still hold:

“Overall, the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series is a great platformer and I’m happy to know that many people will be checking out these beloved games. Who knows, maybe it will lead to more experts. However, in the meantime, I recommend everyone to try this game, Joey “should publish a poster, platformer clips that compete with Mario and Crash, while at the same time he can remind us that he stands alone and that Galonova has his own identity.”

Panboy attack Bandai Namco’s latest release received 4/5 stars – current fans are advised to indulge themselves with the new releases:

“If you grew up playing Clonova or even remotely interested in the franchise, do yourself a favor and indulge yourself in these titles. Now you can own two great titles for an old platform without shelling out hundreds of dollars, which is an easy sell for them. Like some newer games in the genre, Be happy to know that even if these titles don’t feel the most polished, they’re still great. “You’ll find upside for this lovable dream hero, not the questions asked.”

Inside Players This “necessary user” wins at 7.5/10 – here’s the translation:

“The Glonova Fantasy Reverie series is a great opportunity to re-enact our childhood characters. It’s a necessary overhaul but may include better things for this generation.”

How has your experience been with Clonova so far? Do you have the full game or have you tried the demo at this point? Leave a comment below.

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