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After Parliamentary, Clan demands.. Stopping Ramadan series in Iraq


Iraq’s Media and Communications Authority announced on Saturday that it would stop showing the “Al-Qasr” series that began during Ramadan after “parliamentary and clan demands,” according to a statement by the Iraqi News Agency.Conscious“.

The head of the commission, Ali al-Moeed, said the (TV) channel was informed of the need to stop the al-Qasir series, stressing that the commission “appreciates the genuine tribal claims of our people in southern Iraq.” .. I will take all measures to protect the status of an honorable Southern citizen.”

The presentation of the “Al-Qasr” series provoked angry reactions from Iraqis, especially against what they considered a “disgrace” to the “southern” society and the reputation of its clans.

And “Al-Qasir” is a drama series that talks about the clan-like nature of the region, where revenge and conflicts between the clans in the region are common.

For its part, the Iraqi channel “UTV” was released Report In it he said: We have accepted with astonishment and astonishment that some parties and personalities have spread propaganda against our channel by distorting the contents of Al-Qasir.

He emphasized that the series was “produced only within the framework of its professional and dramatic goals and objectives, far from any other objectives”.

The representative of Iraq, Mustafa Jabbar, had sent Sanad With a book He asked the Media and Communications Commission to “stop airing the series” because it “misrepresents the truth, distorts facts, and hurts the reputation of Southern society and clans.”

The call was made by Mahmoud al-Rubai, spokesman for the Political Bureau of the Just Movement. Tweet Through his Twitter account, he stopped telecasting the series and took over the management of the channel showing it.

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Al-Rubai, a member of the Media and Communications Commission’s board of commissioners, tweeted, “I warned against offending our people in the south and the need to counter any dramatic action that angers Iraqis. In this holy month, there is no crime in this, now the truth is clear, it should be stopped airing and the channel management should be held responsible.

The Media and Communications Commission confirmed that it “monitors and monitors everything that affects the unity and structure of Iraqi society, and will take all preventive legal measures to prevent it.”

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