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After Pashaka enters Tripoli, Tabaiba vows to strike with an iron fist


Abdel Hamid al-Tabaiba, the prime minister of the Libyan government of national unity, in his first comment on the entry process vowed to “strike with an iron fist” anyone who harms the security and safety of civilians. Fatih Pashaka is the Prime Minister appointed by the Parliament To the capital, Tripoli, armed conflict erupted, prompting him to leave.

It said in a statement by the Tobago-led Ministry of Defense that “military and security services have taken decisive and professional action to create chaos with the illegal armed group that attempted to infiltrate the capital, Tripoli, today, Tuesday, to prevent this chaos and restore stability in the capital.” As a result, the armed group fled.

Let’s attack with the iron hand.

The ministry added that “this childish act supported by a discriminatory agenda” had caused material and human damage, and that state agencies were still working to limit and address it, and promised to punish all those involved in the act and to strike with an iron fist. Who seeks to harm the safety and security of citizens.

Peace returned to the capital, Tripoli. Peace returned a few hours after he arrived in the city, after armed clashes erupted between militants supporting the government of national unity, led by Abdel Hamid Tabaiba, and militants supporting Fati Fasha, who has been appointed prime minister by parliament. The work of the government.

Had to leave

Following the capture of the headquarters of the “al-Nawazi” battalion and the declaration of support for him, Pashaka was forced to leave the capital, Tripoli, following an armed attack by militants loyal to the National Unity Government. It surrendered its headquarters and prevented the Pasha government from backing the regime.

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After the end of the conflict, Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Tabaiba appeared on a field tour of the wars and streets of the capital, Tripoli.

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