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Analyst says Apple could wrap ‘test’ with secondary electronic ink screen


Apple is reportedly testing the use of the E Ink color display as an external display for an undeclared foldable device. Special Analyst Ming Zhiguo. Color EPD [Electronic Paper Display] The key solution for foldable devices should be a screen with a cover / second, thanks to better energy savings, ”the researcher wrote in a tweet. He adds that the E Ink display is also being tested “in applications such as tablets”.

Most foldable tablet-style devices on the market today combine a small external screen with a large foldable inner screen to quickly check notifications. But like existing devices Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Or The Oppo Find Use OLED panels for both. Using Apple’s E Ink display will definitely create a less responsive exterior display with fewer colors, but, as Kuo points out, it will be more energy efficient.

Although E ink is very popular for the monochrome displays that Amazon uses on its Kindle, the company also has multi-color displays. Recently announced 3. E-ink bagThe latest version of Color e Ink technology is capable of creating more colors with greater precision. Although nowhere near as good as the OLED or its equivalent LCD panel, they can update much faster than the company’s previous color screens. Advertising videos posted by E Ink show how to fold or roll the screen.

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There are rumors that Apple is planning to work with Samsung and Huawei to launch a foldable device. In 2021, there were reports that Apple Prototype of folding shots Internal, and April this year Guo predicts that by 2025 Apple will release a 9-inch folding screen device. Bloomberg So he said Apple may be working on an additional device with a 20-inch foldable screen, however it is not eligible for release before 2026. Kuo’s latest estimate does not specify the foldable size of the screen fitted with E Ink.

Although Apple has come a long way in the foldable market, its shell is in the form of an iPadOS, and its tablet operating system has solid application support from third-party developers. In contrast, tablet-sized foldable devices offered by Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and Honor have to rely on Android, whose apps offer random support for large screen devices (Google recently announced. Hope to change this)

Apple’s foldable device is still many years away. But Guo’s latest update offers an interesting opportunity to see where Apple is going.

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