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After sunset today, the moon approaches the scattered stars and Venus in the Egyptian sky


Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Wed, Jun 21, 2023 01:39 pm

A cluster of scattered stars and a crescent moon near the planet Venus can be seen in the skies over Egypt and the Arab world after sunset on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

revealed Jeddah Astronomical Society In his statement, the crescent moon and Venus appear together after sunset and before the darkness of night, as they are the second and third order of bright celestial bodies after the sun and fainter, respectively. The glow can be seen lighting up the unburnt part of the moon’s disk – a result of the reflection of sunlight on the ground.

Seeing scales or beehives can be challenging inside cities and near sunset when the sky is not completely dark.

After nightfall, the scattering cluster is observed with telescopes, or a small telescope with a wide field of view, where the cluster stars, considered one of the closest constellations to the Sun, appear.Although not all of them are visible using small telescopes, the cluster is packed with about 1000 stars, of which about 300 are the Sun. Stars like, at least two of those stars in that cluster have planets around them, and we can imagine how amazing. A planet in the middle of a constellation in the night sky.

Because the philtrum cluster can easily be seen with the naked eye in a dark place, the philtrum cluster has been known by different names in different cultures since ancient times, including “bees”, which resembles a swarm of bees, so this is a good prospect. Get to know this star cluster in the depths of space.

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