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After the start of the examination board will circulate biology questions for high school students


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Thursday, July 13, 2023 09:28 AM

Electronic cheating sites distributed images of biology exam questions For high school After the initiation of the examination board, the operations room of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education scrutinizes the distributed questions to confirm their validity and take necessary legal action if the questions in the original examination are proved correct.

High school students started writing the Biology test for Science stream students, Algebra and Geometry for Mathematics stream students and Philosophy and Logic test for Literature stream students.

The Ministry informed that the specifications of the Biology exam are total 60 marks, the number of essay questions is 2 questions 4 marks and objective questions 44 questions are allotted 56 marks to them. The questions will be 46 questions, for philosophy and logic, the total marks will be 60 degrees, and it will be the number of essay questions 2 questions assigned to 4 degrees, and objective questions 44 questions assigned to them 56 degrees. Total number of questions is 46 questions. For pure mathematics, the total mark is 60 marks, for algebra and geometry 30 marks, and the number of essay questions is 2 questions allotted for 4 marks. Objective 18 questions are allotted for 26 degrees. Total number of questions for 20 questions, and calculus and integration where students performed tests.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that 70% of the questions in Biology, Philosophy and Logic are for simple and medium mental levels and 30% are for higher thinking and the questions are fully protected till they reach the students.

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