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Some countries have rushed to remove the measures


With an increase in the infection index due to the impact of the second version Clumsy Omigron “BA.2”, the World Health Organization announced that many European countries, including Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, had “suddenly” taken steps to combat Covit-19.

The organization confirmed that such countries had already found themselves ahead of a clear increase in the number of injuries.

Hans Cluj, director of the European branch of the World Organization, explained at a news conference in Moldova on Tuesday that he was “alert” to the current epidemic situation on the continent and that he was “optimistic”.

Tracking sub-strains .. Omigron filling method

These improvements came amid warnings from the organization about the severity of the situation, especially with the monitoring of new strains of Omigron.

The organization confirmed that victory over the epidemic would be announced very soon, noting that it was monitoring BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3 strains under the umbrella of Omigron, including the BA.2 strain. About 50 countries in the world.

Half the population of the continent is threatened!

Earlier this year, Kluge announced that more than half of the European continent’s population would be infected with the coronavirus Omicron mutant.

Experts at the organization warned that giving only booster doses of the vaccine in the face of growing mutants was not a viable strategy, and they called for new vaccines that would better protect against the spread.

Mutant Omigron (Shutterstock)

Mutant Omigron (Shutterstock)

It is noteworthy that Omigran has been shown to be highly contagious, and mutations allow it to easily attach to human cells, and it can even infect previously infected or vaccinated people.

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In addition, several countries in Europe have announced that they will remove precautionary measures established due to the epidemic, amid warnings about the severity of the situation that the epidemic is not over yet.

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