June 25, 2022

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Ahlam angry over 3 days of stoning in Kuwait, calls on Prince Nawab to intervene (videos)

Ahlam angry over 3 days of stoning in Kuwait, calls on Prince Nawab to intervene (videos)

After renewing a wedding at a hotel

Directed by Emirati artist dreams News Prince Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad and his Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad were isolated for 3 days Kuwait After renewing a wedding at a hotel.

Intervals dreams In videos via “Snapchat”: “Why me dreams Emirati booked and isolated for 3 days ?. Country artist at the same time Fahad al-Qubaisi Came with me the same day and left on the second day!

He explained: “I arrived on my private plane yesterday Kuwait, To celebrate a wedding. At the airport, we were not informed about the stone and I stayed at the Al Raya Hotel where you hosted. At the same time a Qatari artist came with me Fahad al-Qubaisi“.

When indicated dreams He noted that he had been vaccinated against the corona virus, and he conducted a new test at the airport.

He added, “When the party was over, I wanted to get on the plane, so they told me I was in isolation.”

و .ضافت dreams: “I was locked up in my hotel and never left it. When he was there Fahad al-Qubaisi He got married at another hotel and left. ” According to her,

The Emirati artist said: “I hope I get the answer.”

He said Fahad arrived in Doha this morning and was isolated.

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He added: “I was told I could not leave and would be in solitary confinement for 72 hours.” She asked: “Fah, why did he travel? Why not add to the stone? Twenty question marks. ” According to a hadith dreams

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As of this writing, there is no comment from the authorities KuwaitThe American artist said it caused a stir on social media.

(Source: Watan – Snapchat)