June 5, 2023

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Tests on 90,000 women in Sharjah as part of the president's effort to support maternal and fetal health

Tests on 90,000 women in Sharjah as part of the president’s effort to support maternal and fetal health

Dr. Hisham Masood was declared an agent Eastern Ministry of HealthMedical teams of the Presidential Initiative to Support Maternal and Fetal Health have provided medical services and conducted trials for 90,740 pregnant women, which was launched in Sharjah Governorate.

The Deputy Secretary pointed out that the aim of this initiative is to reach out to the next generation of children who are healthy and healthy from maternal to fetal diseases and to reduce the deaths caused by these diseases. , For the early detection of various infectious diseases, including HIV infection, hepatitis B disease and syphilis transmitted from mother to fetus, and diagnosing diabetes and stress in pregnant women and measuring body mass index with appropriate nutrition plan and maintaining optimal weight during pregnancy and delivery, medical centers And the provision of follow-up and treatment services by health departments within the governorate and those diagnosed with the infection are recommended to obtain the necessary evaluation. And Implementing and improving the quality of routine services they provide within the protocol for the care of pregnant women through maternity and pediatric care services, depending on the type of illness in the mother, the clinics and clinics, and the availability of medical supplies, clinical trials , The confidentiality of the results, provides good treatment for women and a good reception for those attending the presidential initiative.

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Masood added that the president’s initiative to support maternal and fetal health targets 157,736 Egyptian and non – Egyptian pregnant women over the age of 18, between education and awareness, in the cities and villages of the Sharjah Governorate. The number of medical teams, 358 points, by the medical team trained in the clinical trials of “doctors, nurses, data entry staff and rural pioneers”.

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