June 7, 2023

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Ahlam in a dress that reveals her slender personality designed by Zuhair Marard

Ahlam in a dress that reveals her slender personality designed by Zuhair Marard

Emirati singer Ahlam continues her elegant and luxurious look.

Details of Ahlam’s new appearance

With a luxurious, elegant look signed by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murat, artist Ahlam appeared in a cafe-brown dress with a “corset” design, adorned with a wide belt in the middle, and a long, flowing, puff-free skirt. , The story of the upper part came in a wide triangle upside down on the chest with long arms and slightly raised area on the shoulders, Ahlam shared his new elegant, luxurious look with his followers.

The new look of Ahlam

The style that integrates the look of Ahlam

Ahlam combined with the new look makeup in a matching brown color, dropped with a unique classic hairstyle that was elevated on one hand and graduated tufts from the bottom, and her outfits were from the luxury jewelry she was accustomed to, apart from the silver watch. And a belt distinguished by a large gold hook, and he displayed dreams of appearance with confidence and elegance.

Actress Ahlam shows off her elegance

Compatibility with details of appearance

In her new look Ahlam’s dress was distinguished by small shiny crystal and silver pieces, which combined in the form of elegant stripes throughout the look, giving it a unique and magical look with shiny flashes that emerge with movement from the dress. The consistency of the dress with its “corset” story highlights the texture of the texture as all of these elements are integrated into the details of the look to give it a unique and distinctive harmonious look.

Consistency in the details of dreams

Images from Ahlam’s Instagram account