August 10, 2022

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Rapid mutations in the monkey box virus are preventing scientists

Rapid mutations in the monkey box virus are preventing scientists

In a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, Portuguese researchers discovered 50 genetic mutations. Viruses They examined when five to 10 mutations were generally expected.

The researchers reached their results after collecting 10 viruses Monkey diseaseMost of them are in Portugal, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

The researchers said: “In most previous studies of other orthopedic viruses, the monkey box was a species with a maximum mutation of no more than 12 times.”

Speaking to Newsweek, Jono Palo Gomez, head of the genetic and bioinformatics division at the National Institutes of Health in Portugal, who co-authored the study, said the number of mutations was “completely unexpected”.

Gomez added: “These results may indicate the rapid evolution of the virus mutation. The current monkey box may be a descendant of the virus that spread in Nigeria in 2017, which means mutation limits should not exceed 10, but we have found 50.”

“We hope that special teams will now conduct laboratory tests to understand whether the 2022 virus has increased its spread,” Gomez concluded.

As of Thursday, more than 3,500 people in 44 countries were infected with the H5N1 virus. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

She said World Health OrganizationOn Saturday, the monkey box had not yet reached a global health emergency, although WHO Director-General Tetros Adonom Caprais said he was “deeply concerned” about the outbreak.

“I’m very worried about monkey flu, and the close follow-up of me and my colleagues at the WHO Secretariat is a growing health threat,” Tetros said.

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The classification of “global emergency” currently applies only to one epidemic Corona virus Efforts to eradicate polio are ongoing, and after consultation with a meeting of international experts, the United Nations World Health Organization has dropped its inclusion of monkey flu in this classification.