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Ahlam praises Nadine Ngim’s reaction to Ilham Ali’s announcement of Best Actress award


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Nadine Enzyme
Ilham Ali cried after winning the Best Actress award at the Joy Awards

The American artist praised Ahlam Al Shamsi Lebanese actress status Nadine Enzyme After announcing the winner of the Best Actress award at the Entertainment Makers Awards, a party Happiness Awards

Ahlam praises the position of Nadine Enzyme

And publication Ahlam Al Shamsi After winning the award for Best Actress, a video by his official accounts appeared on social media of Nadine Enzyme appearing while embracing Saudi artist Ilham Ali.

Ahlam commented on Nadine’s behavior, despite the rivalry between him and Ilham Ali for the award, but he was eager to congratulate the latter: “Look at the mortgage.”

Ilham Ali, on the other hand, cried and expressed his delight with respect: I never imagined I would speak from my soil, and I want to thank our leadership for supporting us to stand on this platform … Thank you to my family and the Entertainment Authority.“.

The Gulf actress won the award for her role in the kidnapping series, in which she played the role of Lina, written by Amani al-Sulaimi and directed by British Mark Everest.

The stars of the Gulf and the Arab world shine Happiness Awards

And the artist, Ahlam, caught the eye in a strange look on the purple carpet for a party Happiness AwardsThe Emirati star appeared with significant weight loss, and she wore a dress that showed off her strength..

The appearance of the Emirati artist Ahlam came with the touch of costume designer Zuhair Murat, while his makeup touches were based on Muhammad al-Hadat..

Ahlam expressed his happiness at the party Happiness Awards He sent a letter to the head of the Entertainment Commission, Turki al-Sheikh, in which he explained his interest in the ability to design such a global art event..

Ceremony Happiness Awards Riyadh saw the honoring of elite stars participating in the season’s activities, however, the choice of winners will vary from the way winners are selected at ceremonies and festivals. Happiness Awards Allows participants in the voting process to vote for candidates of their choice in each of the categories categorized as cinema, music, social influencers, sports and drama series. Branches from them.

Eminent stars of the Arab world, including Nancy Ajram, the novel Al-Kuwaiti, and ELISA, will also be honored. Qasim al-Sahar, Asala, Honey Shaker, Mohamed Hendi, Mohamed Abdo, Ahlam and other stars.

Awards Happiness Awards It also saw a competition for theatrical awards.Motasem Al-Nahar competed for Best Actor for his role in the Zahra Salon series, with star Kusai Ghauli for his role in the No Judgment series and Khalid Chakr in the abduction, along with Yaqub al-Farhan for his role in the Rashosh series.

They also compete Nadine Nasip Enzyme, Ilham Ali, Hota Hussein, and Shojun Al-Hajri Best Actress Awards.

Many stars competed for numerous awards in various categories, including music, drama, and television, and audiences will determine the final winner in all categories by their vote.

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