August 13, 2022

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Ahmed Al-Awadi, who denied Yasmin's apology in the kissing scenes .. What about him ?!

Ahmed Al-Awadi, who denied Yasmin’s apology in the kissing scenes .. What about him ?!

Ahmed al-Awadi, an Egyptian artist, appeared as a guest on the show “One of the People” with journalist Amr al-Laithi, and talked about various aspects of his personal life and his relationship with artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz.

It is clear that bold scenes and kisses have become a matter of controversy in Egyptian cinema and drama, especially as producer Hadi El Bagouri sparked waves of criticism with his statements about allowing his ex-wife Yasmin. Rice, to be cast in bold scenes.

When asked by al-Awadi if his wife, Yasmin Abdel Aziz, would be allowed to star in the dome scenes, al-Awadi immediately responded: “Of course, this will not happen, it is impossible.”

When al-Laidi asked Yasmin if she wanted to act in these scenes because of the need for these scenes, she flatly refused: “That’s why I firmly believe my wife can not listen. I chose myself for this because I chose her on a specific basis.

He stressed that choosing his wife was based on the foundation, adding: “The beginning of the rest is real and comfortable. Before I decide to marry any artist, I need to know that it is not possible to create bold scenes.”

He explained to Jasmine before saying “I love you” that he would not accept himself to marry or fall in love with a woman who misbehaved with actions and behaviors he did not like. Sitting and talking to each other, they saw that they were suitable for the personality of the other.

Ahmed al-Awadi will not accept bold shots

When asked about the works that al-Awadi refuses to present, al-Laidi later replied that he would not present a role that would be embarrassing or change the view of the audience, and he refused to present. Scenes of kisses and excitement and these scenes do no good to the viewer as there are families watching his works.

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He explained that he did not criticize the artists who performed these scenes, but refused to show it.