June 6, 2023

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Ahmed Ayad becomes the first Egyptian to win a world silver medal in martial arts at the Thailand Championships.. PHOTOS

Tamita – Haitham Murad

Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 02:00 AM

Hero “Ahmad Ayyad” added a new achievement by Ibn Damita GovernorateIn martial arts sports, he became the first Egyptian to win a silver medal in the sport after finishing second in the Muay Thai Championships in Thailand in the past..

“Seventh Day” caught up with Tamita’s hero to tell him the details of the World Championship camp for martial arts in Thailand, who began his speech: “It’s a big responsibility to play in the name of Egypt. Something to achieve. In this tournament.” He continued: “The national team trials were an important step for me. I was only focused on training and I didn’t see any results other than success to represent my country.

Tamita’s hero continued his speech: “There are many personalities who have supported me. I owe a lot of credit to my family and my coach for achieving this feat.”

The scenes of the World Championship in Thailand were full of positive things. When the tournament started, I had a dream and a goal to see the flag of Egypt crowned at the end of the World Championship, and I was able to do it.

Captain Wale Fehr, coach of the Egyptian champion, addressed the parties who began his speech: “We have the ability to reach the championships. We have prepared well, and what happened in the world championships. This preparation.”.

Amir Al-Siddiq, Chairman of Kafr Al-Arab Youth Center, said: Youth centers are the hub of talent discovery in all sports. There is a clear role for the Ministry of Youth and Sports to strengthen the role of youth centers. We have a lot of talent who will one day be honorable models in Egypt’s sports history..

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He continued his speech: “The passion for the youth is clear, and the President’s program for the advancement of the youth was a major turning point on this path.”.

The conversation turned again to the Egyptian champion, who said: “The injury I suffered in the last match was an obvious reason to lose the title, but silver is only the beginning of the World Championship. I still have a lot to offer for my country. .”.

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