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Ahmed Fahmi analyzes the character of Talia al-Behairi and Honey Ramsey .. What is the result? | Video


Artist Ahmed Fahmi hosted the show “Ahla Kalam” aired on his Al-Hayat channel, featuring artist Talia Al-Behri and artist Honey Ramzi, and during the meeting he analyzed the personality of each.

The answers of Honey Ramsey and Talia Al-Behri revealed a group of quick questions asked by Ahmed Fahmi, which may be hidden from their audience.

Talia al-Behairi’s response to the question of what she could give at home reflected the need for her to relax after trying on a job and to set aside her time each day. His full focus on work will not allow anything to distract him.

Hani Ramzi and Talia al-Behairi acknowledged that the stable family is their greatest achievement, reflecting a calm personality, trying to stay out of trouble and creating crises.

As for the question of favorite books, it revealed Honey Ramsey’s broad imagination and dreamer’s character and fear of the future and the ability to make dreams come true in the case of Talia al-Behri.

It is noteworthy that Talia Al-Behri is participating in the 2022 Ramadan race through the fifth season of the series “Diary of a Frosted Wife” directed by Ahmed Noor and written by Amani Derkham. Chief, Muhammad Abu Dawood, Iman Al-Saeed, Marwa Abdel-Monim, Medat Dhika and Salwa Othman and Ala Jaihom and Noor Ehab.

Ahmed Fahmi will co-star with actress Gina in the upcoming Ramadan season series “Eshk Azwat” and a series written by Sherin Adel and written by Mohamed Salah Al-Asab.

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