March 30, 2023

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Ahmed Hatom: Squid Game (Video) | Hope to deliver such Egyptian work as the message

Artist Ahmed Hadeem spoke about his ambition to reach the world, but by presenting a cinematic work to the world.

On the show Spotlight on the Sada al-Balad channel, Sherin Suleiman, during a meeting with the media, quoted the Korean series Squid Game, which, although not a well-known star outside of Korea, was a huge success in all countries of the world, and was a global hit like Squid Game. He expressed a desire to present an Egyptian work, pointing out that he wanted to change the stereotype that plays roles abroad to reach the world.

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Since his debut with producer Hussein al-Kala began with the film “Free Time”, Ahmed Hodem has indicated that he prefers cinema to television, as he has met many of the most famous writers and directors in his office in recent years.

About his friendship and chemistry with the young female artists he has worked with in his recent works such as Hana Zahid and Jamila Awad, Ahmed Hatem said that he would study the character that stands in front of him in any film role, so that would be an attraction. Among them.

As for the stars who want to star in front of them from the generation of beautiful times, Ahmed said he would like Hotem, Hind Rostom, Madiha Kamal, Nadia Ludfi ​​and Choud Hosni.

During his meeting, Ahmed Hadem explained that the film “The Atheist” was an important step in his artistic career.

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When asked about leaving the costume of the movie “Free Time”, Hatim said, “In the first Ibn Halal, Nell’s character was crazy and stabbed Sarah Salamah, then, the fourth pyramid is 2016. She was in a new beginning, which includes free time.”

Ahmed Hateem showed him the second part of the series “Lea La” with Menna Shalabi, which was well received by the audience.

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