April 1, 2023

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Dangerous risk for smokers while sleeping

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Smoking has negative health effects on the human body, and sometimes smoking can lead to cancer and death in humans.

A recent study revealed higher health risks faced by smokers because it has proven a link between nicotine smoking and sleep risk.

Scientists at the Heart Research Institute (HRI) have conducted a study to examine the relationship between nicotine levels in the blood and the amount of time oxygen is depleted during sleep.

Scientists have found that increased levels of nicotine are one of the main causes of severe sleep apnea, which has been confirmed by Dr. John O’Sullivan, the study’s leading researcher.

O’Sullivan added that with each cigarette smoker, the oxygen in the blood decreases dangerously because smoking increases the saturation time of the blood with less than 90%, which increases the chance of dying from heart disease.

Sleep apnea occurs when a person’s throat and upper respiratory tract are partially or completely blocked during sleep, causing breathing to stop.

In their study, the researchers were able to determine for the first time the effect of smoking on nocturnal oxygen concentrations in people with sleep apnea.

One of the strengths of this study, Dr. O’Sullivan explained, is that it relies on accurate measurement of the disease associated with blood metabolic levels and is more accurate than self-reported questionnaires.

It is noteworthy that the rate of sleep apnea reaches one in every four adults, and although it is common, its effects and interactions with other diseases are not yet well understood because there are no studies supported by sleep data. Data for heart failure and metabolic data for the same patients.

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