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Airlines have warned of the “catastrophe” of using “5G” networks near US airports.


Leaders of major U.S. airlines on Monday warned that there could be “catastrophic disruptions” in the transportation and shipping sectors if fifth-generation (5-G) Internet networks were to operate today as planned, with no restrictions on transfers near U.S. airports. Verizon and AT&T have twice postponed the release of the new fifth-generation C-band service because of warnings from airlines and aircraft manufacturers that the new telecommunications system could interfere with devices used to measure altimeters. We urgently write to you on January 19, 2022, requesting that 5G networks be enabled throughout the country, except within approximately two miles of airport runways, as defined by the Federal Aviation Administration, “said company leaders. He warned that if Verizon and AT&T offered to use the new technology before making upgrades and changes to the aircraft equipment, it would cause an “economic catastrophe”.

Airport insurance

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Sunday that it has approved the operation of up to 48 airports and some transit stations within fifth-generation used areas due to interference with 5G C-band frequencies. 88 ”is protected, but airlines fear that not covering all airports could cause major disruptions, including stopping thousands of flights, which could disrupt commercial traffic in the country. In addition to the Secretary of Transportation, a letter has been sent to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the White House National Economic Council. American airlines have protested the costs of the move.

Call for “immediate” intervention

The letter called on authorities to “take all necessary steps to ensure that 5G is not used until there are towers near airports, until the FAA decides how to do it safely and without disaster disruption.” The letter was signed by FedEx and UPS, the chief executives and shipping companies of “American”, “United”, “Delta” and “Southwest” airlines. “Immediate intervention is needed to avoid operational disruptions in passenger transport, freight transport, supply chains and supply of essential medical equipment,” he pointed out. “In addition to the chaos it can cause domestically,” the shortage of certified aircraft will “strain tens of thousands of Americans overseas,” he added.

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Relieving fears

In turn, the Federal Aviation Administration released a statement the day before yesterday seeking to alleviate concerns about the impact of the introduction of the fifth-generation network to aviation, but did not announce any concrete next steps in this regard. “The Federal Aviation Administration puts security at the center of its work, ensuring safe travel for the public as wireless Internet companies release 5G,” the company said. “The Federal Aviation Administration continues to work with the aviation industry and wireless Internet companies to reduce flight delays and cancellations associated with 5G,” he added. Verizon and AT&T won tens of thousands of dollars worth of contracts to operate 5G networks on 3.7-3.98 GHz frequencies in the United States last February, and the service is expected to launch on December 5th. If an agreement is reached with the carriers or the federal agency disables the carriers, the 5G service will be launched nationwide on January 19th.

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