March 31, 2023

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Mona Saki has been ruled out of the Ramadan race due to Corona

Mona Saki has been ruled out of the Ramadan race due to Corona

It was decided to stop the “Lam Shamsia” series starring Mona Zaki (Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed).

The company that produced the Egyptian series “Lam Shamsia” starring the artist decided Mona Jackie Leaving the dramatic marathon Lashari Ramadan Next, due to multiple infections in some of the team working with the corona virus.

Media Hub, a production company owned by producer Caste Cohort, has issued a press release: “The company is always keen to offer the best of its variety of products to the audience in terms of artistic value, ingenuity and precision. . ” It is presented to the audience, and the company has previously mentioned the production of the series “Lam Shamsia” written by Mariam Naum. By Kareem L-Shenawi, and starred in the collection of Famous Stars, which will be one of the series to present to viewers in the upcoming Ramadan season.

The report added, “In recent weeks many families in the series have been infected with a series of viruses, which has led to delays in the resumption of filming. Due to the delay in the start of filming, the company decided to postpone the filming of “Lam Shamsia” to next June.

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In an effort to release the series in a way that is worthy of the audience, the company announced that the show will be next up during the Ramadan season.

Filming for the “Lam Shamsia” series began a few days ago, co-starring Mona Zaki, Yod Nasser, Ahmed Risk and many more, and the story is written and directed by Kareem L-Shennavi. .

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