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Aktia Group announces the launch of a $54 million corporate venture capital fund


  • Agthia Group PJSC, an Emirati company active in the food and beverage sector in the region, has announced the launch of Agthia Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund. The fund will be co-managed by Touchdown VenturesTouchdown Ventures.
  • The fund aims to expand the Group’s capabilities, create mutual value with growing companies and increase profitability in current and future markets and ensure continued securing of resources for growth.
  • Funds will review proposed investment proposals regardless of their status, as investment will be primarily in companies that achieve significant growth in revenue. According to the report of the Committee-

Press release

Agthia Group PJSC, a leading company in the food and beverage industry in the region, announced the launch of a corporate venture capital fund, “Agthia Ventures”, which aims to innovate the Group’s capabilities, create and ensure mutual value with emerging companies. It continuously secures resources for growth and optimizes profitability in current and future markets.

The fund will be co-managed by Touchdown Ventures-Touchdown Ventures”It is a global leader in establishing and implementing venture capital fund programs for large companies, with more than 100 investment projects completed so far and funded by Aktia Group and “Holding”.(ADQ)It is an investment company based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The fund, which relies on Aktia’s four decades of experience, will contribute to the establishment of a program to help the best entrepreneurs in the food sector to expand their operations, accelerate the development of their products and their adoption. Markets, exchange of experiences, diversification of various distribution networks and development of infrastructure, strengthening technological infrastructure, research and development capabilities, improving marketing areas and building solid relationships with customers Touchdown Ventures Leverage its extensive startup networks and numerous relationships in the venture capital sector, incubators and accelerators to identify attractive investment opportunities in the early stages of establishment and growth, providing Aktia Group with unique investment opportunities. Markets it aims to enter..

In line with Agthia Group’s strategies to develop markets and products, the fund will review the proposed investment projects regardless of their status, as investment will be mainly in companies that achieve significant growth in revenue. Investments will focus on brands, product categories and solutions that enhance the Group’s portfolio and drive performance. For example, the focus will be on brands operating in the snack food industry and generic startups in the ingredient technology industry. Target investments include companies contributing to the growth of the foods and beverages sector, water with functional properties and various benefits in addition to its role in hydration, alternative proteins and supplements, sustainable solutions in agriculture and packaging. Business Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry and Capability Development Sectors with Linkage to Aktia Group’s Value Chain.

Speaking on the occasion, Alan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Aktia Group said: “Innovation is one of the fundamental and important components of the Aktia Group. Middle East and North Africa region and beyond by 2025. The institutional investment money combined with internal research and development efforts within the group will enable future growth to be enhanced by access to advanced technologies and access to the latest market insights from various entrepreneurs. , and to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers across multiple sectors, and to support entrepreneurs in achieving success, Aktia leverages its extensive experience in products, markets and distribution..”

For his part, said company president and co-founder Scott Linnett Ventures Touchdown:We believe that entrepreneurs around the world will be positively impacted by the culture of collaboration and support that Aktia Group follows. Whether leveraging the group’s strong distribution network in the Middle East and North Africa region or collaborating to benefit from its expertise in the North American and European markets, the Agthia Group has much to offer innovative food and beverage entrepreneurs..

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