May 29, 2023

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Al-Ahli are in deep trouble.. View Details (VIDEO)

Al-Ahli – CAF Champions League Final


Tariq Qandil, a member of Al-Ahli Club’s board of directors, expressed his deep surprise that Al-Ahmar Club was suffering from a major financial crisis despite its huge financial support.

During an intervention on the Hazrat Al-Muwaden program aired on Al-Hadat Al-Youm satellite channel, Qandil said that Al-Ahli is already suffering from financial crisis.

He explained that Al-Ahly is suffering from a financial crisis, which the whole world is currently experiencing, however, the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club is not talking about the matter.

He said that the claims of Khalid Murtaji, a member of the Al-Ahli Council yesterday, about the crisis are true and that there is indeed a crisis, yet the board of directors led by Mahmoud Al-Khatib remains silent.

And Khalid Murtaji, treasurer of Al-Ahly Club, confirmed in TV reports yesterday, Friday, that Red Club management needs a different vision from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Dr. Ashraf Sofi. Happening recently.

Murtaji said: “I want the sports ministry to look at Al-Ahly a little, not just the second clubs, Al-Ahly is opening a fourth branch, we need support. The sports minister, instead of looking at another club, is looking at Al-Ahly.

And he continued: “We want to build other facilities, we have a financial crisis like other clubs and the sports minister needs to look at us.”

He added, “Al-Ahly Club does not take any demands from the state. We want the state to look at us because we are the hatchery of the state, and the players come out of the national teams.”

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And he continued: “We have twenty games at the club, not one, and I congratulate Zamalek for winning the African Cup Winners’ Cup yesterday. We have a handball team that has entered 4 matches and won 3.”