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Stay tuned.. Quadruple conjunction of Moon, Venus, Mars and Pollux is a spectacular sight, May 23


Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 01:00 AM

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, May 23rd and 24th, the world will witness. Quadruple conjunction of Moon And Venus, Mars and Pollux in a spectacular view with the naked eye.

Professor of Astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, Dr. Ashraf Tatros pointed out that the Moon is conjunct Venus (the brightest planet in the solar system), Mars (the red planet) and Pollux star in Gemini/twins. We see them with the naked eye in the western sky after sunset, as Pollux mediates the distance between Venus and Mars, and on the 23rd, the Moon is closest to Venus, then closest to Mars. On the 24th, the scene begins at sunset, after eleven o’clock in the evening.

Professor of Astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomical Research added that the connection between celestial bodies and human destiny is not from astronomy but from astrological matters, and astrology is not a science but a craft like reading palms. And cups, striking farewells, opening cards, etc., are all hypothetical things connected with divination and occultism.

Tatros emphasized that the relationship between the conditions of the planets and their interactions for the occurrence of earthquakes does not have a sound scientific basis. Astronomical phenomena have no effect on human health or the day-to-day functioning of the Earth, except that daytime phenomena associated with the Sun can be dangerous because viewing the Sun with the naked eye is usually very harmful to the eye, indicating that astronomical phenomena are fun. If the weather is clear and the sky is free of clouds, dust and vapor, they are seen and preferred by amateurs and those interested in pursuing photography.

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