March 23, 2023

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Al-Azhar’s 10 advices for all sectors in case of an earthquake.. Know them

Loy Ali wrote

Thursday, February 23, 2023 04:00 AM

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif’s Safety Department issued a circular on the procedures to be followed by workers in the event of an accident. EarthquakeHe assured that he was keen to take all necessary steps to protect the facilities within the framework of the Directorate General of Defense. Al-Azhar Its workers at the Republic level to ensure that the following procedures are followed in the event of an earthquake (Earthquake).

1. Stay in your place inside the facility (office/classroom) and do not go outside to avoid debris falling on your head.

2. Teachers and supervisors should warn students to hide under hard furniture such as tables or desks during an earthquake.

3. Be sure to protect your head first or upper half of the body to avoid objects and objects falling from the ceiling.

4. Move your hidden items anywhere until you are sure the earthquake is over.

5. If nothing is available to cover the bottom, stand upright near a corner of the wall with hands around the neck and place the bag over the head.

6. Stay away from windows and shelves with heavy objects.

7. When a person with special needs is present, it is advised to remain in a stable position with arms and hands wrapped around the head as much as possible so that the chair does not move.

8. After the earthquake or after the earthquake, the building will be evacuated starting from the first floor and then from the following floors.

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9. Regularly monitor the building and ensure that there are no cracks in the facility and carry out maintenance work accordingly.

10. Consider continuing training in the building evacuation program at least once per semester.