April 1, 2023

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The vice-president of the referees committee threatened Barcelona and Laporta to reveal the cover-up

Enriquez Negrera reveals a new burofax in which all Barcelona leaders threaten to reveal what is hidden.

The case of Enriquez Negrera, vice-president of the Barcelona and Spain Referees Committee, continues to resonate; New leaks every day by Enriquez Negrera “after many years of service”.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, which has correspondence from the Catalan club over the past two years, said yesterday evening, Wednesday, that a new Bureaux sent from Negrera to Barcelona contained many secrets, including “the continuous payments after many years. The relationship between them and the many services provided to them and trust.” Reciprocity”.

The most alarming thing in the Bureaufax sent on December 3, 2018 is that the current president of the club, Mr. Mentions that he received direct instructions from various leaders of the club, including Laporta. The words of the former Vice Chairman of the Jury were ominous as he warned that all the crimes he was a part of would come to light.

And the burofax said, “Since 2003, Dasnil 95, SL, run by Mr. Enriquez, has been providing technical consulting services under the direction of Mr. Laporta, Mr. Rosell and Mr. Bartomeu – Barcelona presidents. It has fulfilled the club’s requests for recruitment and training, which were to be done by third parties. Impossible exclusive jobs.” “

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The vice president of referees continued his heated correspondence, “The non-payment of the attached invoices of 267,047 euros related to services from July to December is surprising; and the non-payment must be an error. ,” the club asks for payment within 10 working days to the company’s account.

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Enriquez’s lawyer, according to “AS” newspaper, called for the need for understanding between the two sides to avoid great horrors and unnecessary actions.

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Barcelona stopped paying Enriquez in 2018 and is now investigating the club’s payment of up to €1.6 million to his company between 2016 and 2018.