April 2, 2023

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Al-Burhan: The announcement of the Prime Minister of Sudan in a few days

Al-Burhan: The announcement of the Prime Minister of Sudan in a few days

Sudanese army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced on Friday that the new government would see the light of day within a week and that the military would select a prime minister from among technical experts. Proceed against the imposition of emergency and the dissolution of the regime.

On Friday, al-Burhan said he had no objection to the “peaceful demonstration.”

He added: “This is a guaranteed and legal right and the security forces will not intervene whenever the protests are peaceful.”

And political forces today called for millions of protests against the state of emergency and the dissolution of the government. “I hope that the Prime Minister and members of the Sovereign Council will be elected within a week at most,” he added in a statement to the Russian “Sputnik” agency. We will elect a Prime Minister who will be a technical expert.

He continued, “The former prime minister was elected by consensus between the political and military forces, not the political forces at present.

He noted that the military would not interfere in the selection of ministers; Instead, they will be elected by the Prime Minister, who will be recognized by the various departments of the Sudanese people, who said: “We will not interfere with whomever he chooses to participate in government.”

Commenting on the call for a protest tomorrow, he said, “We have no objection to peaceful protests. Security forces will not intervene when the protests are peaceful.”

Al-Burhan confirmed in previous reports that the armed forces had taken action on October 25 because they were interested in correcting the course of the revolution that ousted former President Omar al-Bashir.

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He stressed the military’s commitment to holding elections and maintaining democratic rule.

In other reports, he noted that he had sent a delegation to Prime Minister Abdullah Hamd, whose dissolution had been announced earlier, to consult with the government, who said, “We told him … continue the journey with us … we still have hope.”

He added, “Now we have added the domain to you. He is free to rule. We will not interfere in the formation of the regime and no one will answer to him. We will not interfere. ”

In protest of the dissolution of the government and the declaration of a state of emergency today, Saturday, the United States urged the Sudanese military not to suppress the expected protests, insisting that an understanding be sought for the return of a civilian government to continue the interim. Process in its path.

“We are very worried about what will happen tomorrow, Saturday,” a senior U.S. official told reporters. “This will be a real test of the military’s intentions.”

US President Joe Biden has said his country stands with protesters like any other.

He called for the restoration of the interim civil government and for the protesters to be allowed to protest without disclosing them.