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The Ministry of Health has called on consumers to use the electronic system for submitting complaints


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The Ministry of Health and Social Security has called on consumers to use the electronic system to submit complaints or comments about private health care facilities and their medical and technical staff. It is located within the framework of developing electronic services aimed at improving the quality of the health care system, with a view to ensuring that health care providers play their role in complying with the policies and regulations governing the operation of private health care facilities. , Innovate smart solutions and adhere to the use of quality systems.
The new electronic system will enable the resolution of medical and administrative complaints against private health facilities and their medical staff, as well as the electronic termination of all related situations. Using the system enables the customer to track the status of complaints from the first stage of submission to the investigation, improving procedures, taking into account the simplicity of use, impartiality and maintaining confidentiality and the complete reliability of the information submitted by them. To determine complaints, improve transparency and credibility and obtain an integrated note of its data.
Creating smart solutions
Abir Adele, director of the Department of Licensing and Accreditation, confirmed that the complaint system against private health facilities and their technical staff is part of the Ministry of Health and Social Security’s electronic services package aimed at improving the quality of the health care system. , Innovate intelligent solutions and improve services, adhere to the use of quality systems and make positive contributions to the development of public policies and strategies that lead to the happiness of community members.
He pointed out that the ministry is keen to provide appropriate health services to patients and will deal with the negligence and medical errors of private health facilities and medical staff if proven with accuracy and transparency. It provided a legislative umbrella covering the clear regulations and requirements regarding medical practices under the Federal Order-Act 2016 relating to Medical Liability No. (4), indicating that the number of complaints in the developed country is at low global rates. , Inspection campaigns due to the standards followed by the Ministry when licensing private health facilities, and periodic control over the performance of its work and positive cooperation from facility managers to ensure quality.
Guaranteed honesty
Dr. Hessa Ali Mubarak, Director of the Department of Monitoring, Audit and Research, explained that the electronic complaint system on private health facilities is an additional pillar of the procedures followed and facilitates the process of handling complaints to achieve health compliance by all parties. Private medical facilities. When a medical complaint is lodged electronically from any patient, resident or observer treated at a private health center, it is necessary to provide all substantiated evidence for the complaint. The medical practices carried out are evaluated and the report is submitted to the Health Practices Control Committee within the Ministry. Reach out to all parties involved in the outcome of the complaint and take necessary action.
Permanent audit
Dr. Hessa Mubarak said private health facilities are subject to permanent monitoring, ensuring there are no malpractices carried out by them, minimizing negligence, negligence and medical errors, leading to fines and funding. The Ministry of Health is recommended to provide the necessary penalties as per Federal Law No. (5) of 2019, which regulates the practice of the human medical profession, while fines and final closures are also recommended to the Practicing Committee by physicians who cause medical errors. Experts from various medical disciplines in the committee responsible for studying medical complaints publish reports stating that the complainant has the right to review medical complaints and appeal within 30 days; Those reports are therefore forwarded to the High Committee on Medical Responsibility for review and review.

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